[review][list][stat=Publisher]Gaia Interactive[/stat][stat=Developer]Gaia Interactive[/stat][stat=Genre]mmorpg[/stat][stat=Distribution]Browser[/stat][stat=Graphics]Medium[/stat][stat=PvP]No[/stat][stat=Free to Play]Yes[/stat][stat=Download Size]NA[/stat][/list][/review]zOMG! is an unique anime mmorpg developed and published by Gaia Interactive. As Gaia Interactive’s first game in the mmorpg market. zOMG! Was a new and unique mmorpg where you did not use a new character you used your gaia online character.  While traveling the world of zOMG! you will find a lot of charming and cool monsters and some famous npcs from gaia online. You can also find out more about the story of zOMG! from the manga. While doing missions and killing  monsters you will find random items like sticks that are used to craft outfits for your gaia online character you can also get some new gear from doing missions in zOMG!.

The game play is a basic wasd arrow keys or point and click. With 8 slots for rings allowing for a lot of cool Strategies they do use the basic hot keys 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. But sadly there is not a pvp system yet. Also the monsters are way too aggressive at the start. But besides that this game is one of the Best Social mmos out there i recommend you give it a try.

The Good                                                     The Bad
Great way to meet new friends.         Tiny screen
Ring System                                                Monsters are too aggressive.
Gaia Online Integration                          Too much text & backtracking