Redwater Hills

Redwater Hills

Redwater Hills is an action-simulation game. As leader of a small band of survivors in a post-civilization, zombie-infested world, you have to create a last bastion and place to survive the zombie-hordes and other desperate bands of survivors. The game features 24 unique heroes, each with their own unique style, backstory and attack qualities. In the game you will level up your heroes as they gain experience, and outfit them with over 150 crafted or scavenged weapons and armor. As you venture through the game you will build a base to protect yourself, and when you’re ready, venture out into the overworld to fight over a variety of territories.

In Redwater Hills you will recruit heroes and send them out on raids, sentry-duty or task them with eliminating zombie-nests. Find, craft and equip loot to your Heroes, personalizing them and improving their defense and attack. Upgrade your base from a glorified shanty-town to a veritable Bastion as you not only try to survive, but to thrive again in this new dawn of man and monster alike!

Kings and Legends

[stat=Genre]Trading Card Game[/stat]
[stat=Free to Play]Yes[/stat]
[stat=Download Size]NA[/stat]
[/review]Kings and Legends is a brand new type of game that combines the elements of original trading card games, but with added tactical combat elements that makes the game dynamic and exciting.

This game is super easy to pick up and play. You can try the game solo or log on with a few friends for some real action.