Metro Conflict Open Beta Underway

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OGPlanet today announced the launch of their hottest event of the Summer with the Open Beta release of the hugely anticipated free-to-play MMO shooter, Metro Conflict. Beginning today at 4PM PST players were able to enter the battlefield in the long-awaited release from Red Duck Inc, with Metro Conflict’s origins tracing back as far as … Read more

Metro Conflict

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Gardena, CA – April 9, 2015 – OGPlanet, a leading publisher of Free-to-Play, multiplayer online games, announced today that they, alongside world renowned game developer Red Duck Inc, will be preparing the launch of METRO CONFLICT, a high intensity, first person shooter (FPS), which is expected to launch its beta later this year.

Set in the not too distant future, players will yield near-futuristic weapons while battling in metropolitan settings that could only be done justice by the Unreal Engine 3 that lies at the heart of Metro Conflict’s stunning visuals. With 9 classes spanning offensive, defensive, and support roles, players will not only find their niche for death match action, but will also be able to tailor their play to push their squad to victory in team focused contests. A unique set of story missions fills out the feature list to give players a AAA shooter experience for…well, FREE!

OGPlanet Reveals A New Generation Of MMOFPS Gaming With Metro Conflict

Metro Conflict 1280x720

OGPlanet recently announced their plans to lock and load with the upcoming release of a “new generation of free-to-play shooters” with the high intensity launch of Metro Conflict. Working alongside world renowned game developers Red Duck Inc, OGPlanet’s crack team of award-winning free-to-play developers prepare to launch Metro Conflict’s beta which is expected to arrive … Read more