Entropia Universe

[stat=Distribution]Online Download[/stat]
[stat=Free to Play]Yes[/stat]
[stat=Download Size]~9,8MB Installer[/stat]
As the largest free to play real cash economy MMO out there, Entropia Universe provides a unique opportunity to not only begin your adventures for free, but to build skills, equipment, and additional assets worth real world money.

As you begin your journey you will be met with one of the most advanced avatar creation systems available in any MMO. After you?ve created your avatar you will leave Genesis and venture out to the planet of your choice, each of which is developed by an independent graphic studio on the platform to give you an ever expanding amount of content to evolve with.

Hunt down the native species and find what riches they may hold, search for treasure or mine for minerals building your expertise to earn a profit by selling your claims. Hone your abilities to manufacture tools, vehicles, weapons and beyond from your PC or through the crafting application on android.

There are no classes or skill maximums for your avatar, specialize as you like or round out your abilities to use larger weapons, dig deeper for valuable minerals or craft rare items all with a single character.

Hunt in teams, socialize and trade with people from all over the world as Entropia gives you a seamless environment with no regionally localized servers. Your journey awaits you, every MMO you?ve played before now was just practice?

? Powered by the CryTEK 2 game engine
? Two way Exchange rate between in game currency and real world cash
? Multiple worlds with unique creatures and an expansive space environment
? Unique quests, missions, and dungeons to each planet
? Select player vs. player lootable zones
? Mentor system to reward both disciple and teacher
? Adjustable graphics for any PC