Legacy of Heroes

Join the ranks of superheroes with Legacy of Heroes! Legacy of Heroes is a collectible trading card game in which players take on the role of new students at a school for people with superhuman abilities.

Players are put into the ranks as a freshman of Phaeton Project, a school for would-be heroes. The class system allows you to build a card deck around a certain theme, adding power and various additional effects during battles. You will have the opportunity to fully customize your own deck with your own ideas. They are many various options based on the game?s badge system available to help you customize your playing experience. Purchase booster packs to increase your stock of cards, and compete against others in tournaments and leagues to win fabulous prizes! There are various online missions that await you throughout the game, helping to unlock the superhero within.

In addition to a full-fledged PvE experience, you can also compete your deck against other players, and can even join tournaments and leagues to better your skills. Which professors will you choose to study under? What kind of hero will you become? The choice is yours!