Need for Speed

Need For Speed

Need for Speed World is a realistic 3D racing MMO and is the first free to play game in the popular Need for Speed (NFS) series. NFSW allows you to explore a large game world, race against other players, evade the police, and drive dozens of real life vehicles. Need for Speed World has awesome visuals, from the cars to the streets, and an easy to learn and master gameplay.

Need for Speed World is the first massively multiplayer Need For Speed game. Developed by EA?s Black Box and Singapore studios, NFSW has a huge persistent game world to explore. Despite having the free to play tag, this game has the same incredibly high production value players have come to expect of the franchise. Not only is this  an easy game to pick up and play, but it offers the most licensed cars, parts, and game modes than any previous Need for Speed game.

Character creation in Need for Speed World is remarkably simple. Players just need to choose a name, and an avatar, in addition to their preferred starting car. The cars come in three tiers, while new players are only allowed to choose from a select few tier 1 vehicles. However you  may browse through higher level tiers to get a taste of what to look forward too. The cars that are available to all players include the Mozda Speed 3, Mitsubishi Eclipse GT, Nissan 240SX (S13), Nissan Silva (S15), and Toyota Corolla GT-S (AE86). Each car consists of four color options in addition to a different distribution of three stats: Top Speed, Acceleration, and Handling. New drivers can use limited starting money for further customization of the color of they prefer for their vehicle.