Operation Gamma 41

Operation Gamma 41

Operation Gamma 41 (OG41) is a free online strategy game set in World War II. The game revolves around two factions, the ?Free Confederation? and ?Allied imperial Force?, as they confront each other on the battlefield. Operation Gamma 41 is an empire building game that is very innovative from the beginning, tying in the story line of World War 2 and engulfing the player in the drama of the war.

“A World torn apart by war, that is the truth of the early 20th Century. Nations tear each other apart and entire generations of men are sent into battle in a variety of war-machines to kill or be killed.  In 1941, Operation Gamma changed the war forever.

After nearly two years of bitter fighting, more and more countries were sucked into the wake of the war. The League of Nations, which had unsuccessfully worked to uphold peace since the last World War, watches helplessly as the Axis Forces and the Free Allies wage war on an unprecedented scale.

In a last attempt to stop the madness, the League’s head, Richard P. Ward, invites all the warring nation?s leaders to a final conference in Geneva.

With their troops evenly matched, and neither side able to gain a decisive victory, the leaders follow Ward?s call. The hint of a secret that would change the war and the chance to eye-up the competition was enough to bring them all together, for nobody dared to miss out. The world held its breath for a moment, could a path to peace be on the horizon?

Then came OG-Day… Everything changed that fateful day. As the radio transmission of the conference started, silence fell across the lands and battlefields alike. But something wasn?t right. There was only static noise coming from the radio, followed by otherworldly wails and screams. Then a hoarse whisper, a warning: “Gamma is coming”  When the first airplanes arrived at Geneva, they found a burning city.  In 1941, the world was left devoid of its leaders.”

Playable Factions

Free Allies
During the first days of chaos, some Commanders of the Free Allies saw their chance to take cities deep within mainland Europe. They pushed forward well into enemy territory in the hope that soon leadership would be restored and they would be honoured for their courage. But soon it became apparent, that neither orders nor backup would ever come again. Now caught between enemy forces, each of them struggles to establish a bastion of democracy and freedom.
Axis Forces
Ever marching onwards, Commanders of the Axis forced their way into the world. Devoid of new orders, they pushed further and further into enemy territory, using the chaos to conquer as many cities as they could. Drawn forward by their success, they had neglected to defend their own homeland. When the first Commanders came to their senses, they found themselves encircled by enemies and even their homeland partly occupied. Now they are establishing footholds to maybe one day retake what once was theirs.