Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Pirates: Tides of Fortune is a free to play, browser based Pirate plundering game where you will breed life into your own civilization by collecting resources and constructing buildings. I know you’ve heard that whole line before, and yes, Pirates: Tides of Fortune is much like many of Kabam’s previous titles, but this particular MMORTS title adds a huge amount of production value that is not normally seen in this free to play genre. For one, the music / animations / voiceover work is very well done. It’s not often that you get full voice-over tutorials in a game such as this, and although most of you will probably skip right over it, knowing that they spent the time on these details means a lot of players who plan on playing the game more than just casually.

Of course there are some things about the game that leave something to be desired. The combat is pretty stale, and it’s hard to get a great feeling of accomplishment when you only simply tell your troops to attack, but don’t actually get a chance to command them. Also, like most city-sim games, as you level up, the building times increase greatly, which will often-times hamper the amount of time you get to actually play, and are spent time waiting. But that’s also the beauty of the genre, you are not locked in to playing one RTS game, in-fact i’m usually in 4-5 different games and can switch between them depending on when I have some resources / time to spend.

All in all, this is a very high quality RTS game that players of the genre will find enjoyable. The game can start off a bit slow, but as you venture through the tutorial and set out on your own, you’ll find a great experience.