Project Blackout

Project Blackout, otherwise known as Point Blank in other areas of the world, is a tactical online first person shooter, developed by South Korean, Zepetto. Project Blackout has been a staple of the MMOFPS community since its release in Korea in 2008, and coming to the U.S. in 2010. This fast paced shooter has a similar type of gameplay to Counter-Strike, but features destructible environments, dynamic events, and a deeper character and skill customization system then CS.

In the game you choose to play as either a Free Rebel or the CT-Force. Each team will complete objectives based on the type of game chosen. There are four different default character models, with four additional purchasable deluxe character models. The game’s mission system gives you rewards when you complete given quests, which you can use to receive weapons, badges and exp. There is also an Advanced Combat Training system which can help you increase your characters weapon proficiency.

Project Blackout has 8 different game modes: AI Challenge, Search and Destroy, Sabogate, Demolition, Deathmatch, Escape, Cross-Counter and a Custom Mode where you can choose from various modes and restrict different weapon types.

Project Blackout Knuckle Mode Revealed

SG Interactive, a leading North American free-to-play game publisher, calls for Project Blackout players to enter the battleground in the most primal way possible with the introduction of Knuckle Mode. Now players from The Corps or Aegis Inc can battle mano-a-mano while perfecting their covert action skills in this new eight on eight deathmatch update.