Rage of 3 Kingdoms

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[/review]Rage of 3 Kingdoms is a popular online browser based strategy MMORPG.  At it’s heart it is a city-building strategy game, but it goes beyond that with many different strategies involved in playing the game.  You will be in command of an army of troops that you will train to join in the battle of three different kingdoms within China.

In the beginning of the game you are given a town hall in which to start your journey.  You will improve upon this meager start by adding training camps, barracks, a granary, farmlands, and many other additions that will help your empire grow.  Upon upgrading your hall you will gain levels which will help when upgrading all other buildings.  Improving your technologies will help you train and acquire better troops and upgrades to your hero.

Rage of 3 Kingdoms is a great browser game that will gobble up your free time.  The amount of strategy involved is different compared to many city-building games, which makes R3K a great addition to your browser.