This game is not really a MMORPG in the proper sense of the word. In our innovative project story line isn’t linear, it’s up to a player to create own game reality and decide on proper role in it, which makes our game open both to social players and to single ones. The main rule is pretty simple: each action leads to changes in different spheres of the game world: characters’ relations, events, etc. While a player is deeply immersed in the game world and is trying to find his/her place there, other players constantly change it with their actions. There’re wars of clans, cities can be seized or liberated, the resources’ production and improvement of economic conditions completely depend on players. The most challenging thing that we’re working on is to create a self-developing world where people manage economy. And we’ll do this.

Game world is really huge and full of mystery places (post-apocalyptic atmosphere won’t leave cold anybody). On the east, north and south we have a vast desert, on the west – a mountain pass. There’re two rival cities that are governed by their own leaders and smaller cities try to join them to survive. According to the legend, there’s a city on the east called “Skies” where people will find the rescue of mankind… But how can they do it?!