Soldier Front 2

In Soldier Front 2, an exciting new MMO First Person Shooter from Aeria Games, you’ll compete against the sharpest shooters in a huge player community from all over the world. Rank up as you win matches to elevate your status, and earn in-game achievements for particularly awesome feats.

Multiple maps and game scenarios set the stage for hundreds of different match possibilities every time you play. There’s never a dull moment as players can find a multitude of situations every time they start up a game (just like every MMO right?).

You’ll eventually get to unlock multiple upgrade trees to change the look of your weapons and gear to distinguish yourself from the rest of the pack. The customizations are a little thin at first, but after a few hours of playing we were able to unlock quite a decent amount of goodies.

Check out Soldier Front 2, especially if you like MMOFPS games. Its very reminiscent of a little game called “Counter-Strike”.