Take To The Skies In Riders Of Icarus Open Beta

Nexon America are offering players the opportunity to take to the skies and explore the MMORPG genre in all new ways with the Open Beta release of Riders of Icarus, which is now available to download and play entirely free on Steam. Players are challenged to tame a variety of the realms most powerful and legendary beasts, the mythical dragons. Take on the role of a skilled rider as you capture, tame, train and fight in a majestic world with hundreds of unique beasts to capture, special abilities to master and quests to complete.

Riders Of Icarus Features

  • Become a legendary Rider of Icarus and tame various beasts and dragons that roam the wild lands. Winged mounts strike fear into your enemies as you launch explosive assaults in innovative and rewarded aerial combat.
  • Explore a rich and vibrant fantasy world as non-stop action, combat and quests await. Build your collection of legendary mythical beasts with 100s of different ground and aerial mounts to collect and take into combat
  • Immerse yourself in an epic world of combat and exploration entirely for free, no subscription mode or premium access is required.


Riders of Icarus Official Open Beta CG Trailer

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