Tamer Saga – Huge Improvements To Pet System On The Way

Exciting news for Tamer Saga players, Yeepgame have just announced the opening of 2 new servers planned for January as well as the contents in the highly anticipated pet system update. The anime inspired MMORPG exploded in popularity after its release, attracting thousands upon thousands of players thanks to its unique art approach and highly in-depth pet system.

The two main additions with the new pet system update are the introduction of Max Savvy and Pet Sigil’s. Currently a pets maximum ability is limited by the amount of savvy they can hold, restricting the ability for players to continuously grow a single pet. Players often discarded weaker pets once they reached their maximum savvy and replaced them with more advanced pets but the introduction of the Max Savvy feature allows almost unlimited potential for all pets.

The Pet Sigil feature gives players the opportunity to transfer unwanted pets into a variety of Sigils. Turning a pet into a Sigil creates an item with unique attributes which can then be equipped to current pets, making them stronger in a variety of different ways. Sigils can also be combined to create more powerful items, creating yet more ways to improve pets

For more information players can check the official Tamer Saga.

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