The Crew Celebrates 10 Million Player Milestone

Ubisoft constructed one of the biggest open worlds ever to hit gaming when they released The Crew nearly two years ago and today the developers celebrate reaching the impressive milestone of 10 million players. The Crew struggled to impress at launch with a variety of problems plaguing the game for the months following release. Many moons down the line The Crew still doesn’t quite live up to the standard expected for a modern day AAA open world driving sim but there’s plenty to do and more on the way with the upcoming release of the Calling All Units expansion.

To celebrate today’s milestone developers Ubisoft published an interesting infographic showcasing some stats from information collected over the years.

  • Players have accumulated more than 19,430 years worth of play time
  • The community has traveled over 11 billion KM’s in Free Drive mode, enough to hit Pluto and back
  • 681 Million liters of paint used, enough to paint 200 million cars
  • Players have taken over 15 million photographs of cars, scenery and iconic locations found throughout the United States
  • 100 Million chases have been initiated with over 25% resulting in a failed escape and an arrest
  • The community has amassed over $20,000,000 in fines.

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