The Dark Brotherhood DLC Arrives On The Elder Scrolls Online PTS

Zenimax Online Studios have released the highly anticipated update for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, The Dark Brotherhood, on the games official public test server – allowing players to sample much of the new content while providing valuable feedback and bug reports to ensure the games success at launch. The Dark Brotherhood update will introduce the infamous and murderous faction to the online world of Tamriel for the first time, along with a number of big changes to current features and mechanics – including the controversial removal of Veteran Ranks.


  • Craft Bags for ESO Plus members
  • Poison-Making, for those who want to be especially nasty to their enemies
  • Toggle-able nameplates for all characters
  • The removal of Veteran Ranks
  • Further improvements and new features to the Grouping Tool including a group ready check, vote-to-kick system, and updated queue timer
  • Item locking to help prevent accidental deconstruction of your most valuable items
  • Character name display for Xbox One and PlayStation 4


The in-game Crown Store will also undergo some updates alongside performance improvements, scaling of Normal and Veteran mode difficulties, and various balance changes to skills and abilities.

Source: Facebook

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