The Dead Linger – Build 006 Now Available

Sandswept Studios today announced the immediate release for the highly anticipated Build 006 update for their upcoming zombie MMO title, The Dead Linger. Originally meant to be released last week; the Build 006 update introduces a huge amount of changes to world generation and gameplay, resulting in large FPS boosts for the majority of players.

One of the main concerns expressed on the official forums was the previously unreliable world generation mechanics, a dynamic feature that created the world as players explored it. World generation has seen a complete overhaul in this latest update adding new algorithms to generate terrain and introducing a number of new areas including rocky landscapes, grass plains, towns, and rural farmland.

There’s a host of other exciting changes in the Build 006 update including new house models that can feature 2 floors, realistic recoil on firearms and climbable ladders that will finally allow players to explore the famous water tower; without having to pile up 100 trash cans.

For more information on all of the changes in Build 006 you can view the official patch notes here.

They also released a new Developer Vlog alongside the patch notes, you can view it below:

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