The Lost Titans

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The Lost Titans is a multiplayer role playing game that is set in a beautiful fantasy world based off of Greek mythology. In the game the land is settled by two Titans of old. Peace has been shattered since they left earth and the nations they founded have gone to war.

The basic storyline is that the Titan of Light, Hyperion, was betrayed and ambushed by his rival Titan. Titan, and Hyperion’s former friend Ophion split Hyperion’s soul into three pieces and scattered them throughout the land as they seized power of Earth. Your job is to train as a Warrior of Light and join fellow players in Ophion’s army. You will journey across the land as you attempt to end the war and save Hyperion by collecting his soul.

The game features intense battles where you fight your way through hordes of vicious enemies across many diverse and beautiful environments and dungeons. You will use many unique combat skills that place an emphasis on movement and reactions. There is a high degree of character customization and many additional upgrade options throughout the game.

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