The Most Entertaining PC Game Items

There are many factors involved with loving a video game. Certain people focus on the visuals while others just want a good storyline. No matter what the reason is, it?s clear that games have tons of hidden gems that would influence all types of players. Sometimes it?s as simple as an achievement or item that keeps players coming back for more.

With such a broad range of games being released for the PC over the years, there have been countless items created for players to acquire and love. Whether it?s used to blast away another competitor or beef up your characters potential, certain items have worked their way toward recognizable popularity among gamers.

So without further adieu, here are ten PC inspired creations that make their respective games more entertaining for players.

[heading]10. Shrink Ray ? (Duke Nukem 3D)[/heading]

This is first on the list because it?s not technically in the PC game Duke Nukem, but rather the console adaptations that followed. The games retained their same basic animation and Doom style game play, but brought a slew of new weapons. The Shrink Ray was one of the more entertaining additions, giving players the ability to shrink their enemies to the size of mice. Getting hit forces a player to use their tiny legs to scramble to safety until turning back to normal. It may be simple but there is clear fun in allowing players to squish their newly shrunken friends with Duke?s mighty boot.

[heading]9. Magnum Sniper Rifle ? (Counter-Strike)[/heading]

This goes for all first person shooters but any gun that kills in one shot creates fun game play, albeit unfair at times. Players can aggravatingly camp or dangerously strafe while utilizing the gun commonly known as the AWP. The gun can be heard on the entire map, signaling the death or mere inaccuracy of another participant. I personally hate the AWP, because I can?t use it well and many other players can. Regardless, it?s clear how good it feels to shoot a bullet with pinpoint accuracy instantly across a long distance. Kill streaks are appealing in all FPS game and this gun definitely allows for such. Even inexperienced players can enjoy the fun of the weapon in AWP specific custom created maps. Sniper battles give people a way to have fun in that deviate from more common variants in all many first person shooters just like Counter-Strike.

[heading]8. Concrete Donkey ? (Worms)[/heading]

If you don?t know about the turn based artillery invertebrates, you should. Worms was known for its huge selection of weapons. Each turn players selected weapons with limited ammunition carefully to gradually knock off their soft-bodied enemies. Methods involved shooting oversized bullets, calling in airstrikes, to even poking each other off cliffs. There were endless ways to affect game outcomes, but there was none more deadly than using a concrete donkey. The superweapon is as rare as they come and rightfully so. When someone calls in the donkey, you can rest assured many worms are about to die. The donkey, taking up a good portion of space in most levels, drops from the sky and proceeds to break through every remaining piece of land and worm below it. The donkey creates a crater where battling worms once stood and others are sure to join. The item surely can?t be used as repetitively as others on this list, but hearing the cries of a bouncing donkey while it smashes your enemies to death is unparalleled even in the gaming world.

[heading]7. Stone of Jordan ? (Diablo II)[/heading]

Any fan of Diablo knows why this treasure is on the list. The ring commonly known as ?SoJ? is one of the most desired and impactful items in the Diablo series. Even though the ring had a low drop rate, it became so popular that it for years it became the main currency on servers. The SoJ gives obvious bonus to any character as it only takes up one of two ring slots yet has many properties. Along with lightning damage and 25% more mana the ring grants any wearer +1 to all of their skills. In Diablo, you can only choose to add a single skill point per level so giving a bonus to all of them at once is magical. Any skill a character did not posses is now available because they have a skill point in it. The ring alone makes Diablo more fun because it gives a player the ability to experiment with everything the character has to offer without wasting their time. The many opportunities a Stone of Jordan presented are why it made the list. The ring being in high demand allowed players to trade for other rare items leading to even more abilities and options.

[heading]6. Kraken Club ? (Final Fantasy XI)[/heading]

The Kraken Club is a rare item acquired from battling what is known as a burning circle notorious monster (BCNM). The unique weapon is usable by most classes (jobs) in the Square Enix MMORPG. In a game that doesn?t boast much battle euphoria, the Kraken Club goes a long way. Everything about the way the weapon strikes an enemy is like others, with the exception that it can occasionally strike 2 to 8 times in the same time frame. That is not only a beneficially ridiculous attribute, but a hilarious one in motion. Seeing your character smack an enemy eight times when it should normally hit one time is sure to bring a smile. The rapid movement of otherwise stoic characters creates a more entertaining and pleasurably destructive experience. Oh and by the way, some classes have the ability to increase the weapon?s hit rate.
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