The Perfect MMO Ingredients? Zombies, Monsters And Robots

Masse Entertainment today revealed a new working partnership with Yingpei Games that will see an exciting new MMOTPS hit American shores later this summer, Zombies, Monsters and Robots. At the risk of stating the complete obvious, this new third-person shooter includes zombies, monsters and well…robots, and what more could you want in a free-to-play title? The game debuted at this years Game Developer’s Conference (check out our awesome coverage here) and promises to provide an exciting selection of new features to combat the increasingly stale F2P shooting genre.

Zombies, Monsters and Robots pits players against a huge assortment of enemies featured across tons of unique environments and game modes. Supporting the thrilling combat is a monstrous co-op campaign and wave-based survival missions that will test both your combat ability and your resolve. Co-operative play boasts support for a staggering 8 players while competitive modes can feature up to 16. 

A huge arsenal of customizable equipment and gear promises plenty of variety when progression through the game. Abominable monsters, infected hordes craving long pig and robots programmed with the destruction of all mankind, it’s all on display.

Check out the first reveal trailer below for a sneak peek at some of the more exciting features including active combat, dynamic cover and an impressive variety of enemies.

Source: MMORPG

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