The PvP System For Skyforge Could Rival The Best In The Industry

With every new MMO release comes a barrage of eye-widening promises and daring boasts but if there’s one area that suffers more than most, it’s PvP. For a generation of gamers the thrill of old classics like Ultima Online have all but become a distant dream of yesteryear but if My.Com’s latest PvP highlight is anything to go by, the era of exciting and balanced PvP could be making a triumphant return.

The MMO genre attracts millions of competitive gamers, and large portion of which enjoy nothing more than physically dissecting the innards of their opponents. Competitive multiplayer too often falls short due to poor balancing or rushed mechanics, leaving PvP fans little choice but to move on to the next big thing hoping to rekindle the flame of honorable combat.

The upcoming addition to the MMO platform, Skyforge, hopes to change all that with a simple yet elegant approach to PvP combat. The developers don’t want to create an experience that always leaves one player with little to no chance of success, bravely going against the current trends of open world PvP and instead settling for a more structured and managed competitive environment.

As developers we often try to please everyone and to
create something universal, often forgetting that it’s impossible
to fit everything in.

PvP in Skyforge, rather than seeking to please everyone, our goal was
to make the fights fair and to only allow players to fight in
designated areas. This means it will be almost impossible to gank
someone and we can rely on the matchmaking system to keep “noobs”
from ending up face to face with PvP masters.

It may sound like a simple approach and that’s because it is. Too often do developers attempt to market convoluted PvP systems with more sub-features and mechanics that are really necessary but not Skyforge. Put simply, players will enjoy highly balanced PvP against evenly matched opponents in specific locations – allowing those that do not wish to engage in competitive play the chance to enjoy the rest of the features on offer.

In addition, the developers have also promised a worthwhile PvP experience with the inclusion of Skyforge PvP rankins and exclusive equipment and perks serving as incentive to participate in PvP content.

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Source: Press Release

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