The Queen’s Speech Revealed For Guild Wars 2

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

ArenaNet today revealed the official date for the upcoming speech to celebrate the rule of Queen Jennah. The leader of Kryta will address her nation on August 20th, reflecting on her years of power and offering a certain air of mystery promising a special announcement to all that attend. Accompanying the special speech is a variety of exciting events including everything from loyalty rewards to adjustments in WvW.

New Rewards

  • Birthday Gifts: Players who joined the Guild Wars 2 adventure last August will receive special gifts as thanks including a Mini Queen Jennah and a 24 hour Birthday Booster and Experience Points Scroll.
  • Infinite Watchknight Tonic: A new tonic that allows players to transform into a Watchknight will be rewarded for those skilled enough to complete the Queen’s Speech achievement.

New Events

  • Ten Days of Black Lion Sales: Friday August 23rd marks the beginning of a 10 day sale on the Black Lion Trading Company. New weapon skins and items will be available that were previously limited to the game’s first year.

New Features

  • World vs. World XP / Point Adjustments: Experience points in World vs. World have been adjusted, making it easier and quicker for players to increase their rank. Ability points will also be easier to obtain with all current players getting a free point to spend.

Is there no end to the constant stream of content hitting Guild Wars 2? What do you think of the levels of support offered by ArenaNet during the games first year of service?

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