The Realm Of The Gods Hits Marvel Heroes

Gazillion Entertainment today announced a legendary update for the free-to-play action MMORPG, Marvel Heroes. Heroes can now take the battle to the iconic lands of the Norse gods as they explore the epic arena of Asgard. In one of the largest content updates in the history of the game players will finally have the opportunity to explore the darker side of Marvel Heroes with the release of the playable God of Mischief, Loki.

Game Update 2.0 brings with it a host of other exciting features and additions to the game, highlighted below:

  • Asgard
    ? Players will be introduced to Asgard with a server-wide event to raise the Bifrost Bridge before being able to explore new zones, encounter new supervillains and enjoy Odin’s Palace as a new social hub.
  • Playable Villain Loki
    ? The God of Mischief will be available as the first playable villain to be introduced to Marvel Heroes. Loki can use his devilish sorcery to rain down magical blasts, create illusions to confuse his enemies and even transform into a massive Frost Giant.
  • New Starting Characters
    ? New players will be treated to a little more choice when starting the game as the beginning roster has been expanded to 9 unique heroes, a substantial increase on the 5 previously available.
  • More Story Content ? New voiced motion comics will be introduced to deliver the Marvel Heroes story in an entirely new way.

For more information on the latest happenings in the Marvel Heroes universe click here.

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