The Repopulation’s Massive November Update

Today the developer behind The Repopulation released a blog post that highlights the plethora of new changes that have come to their sandbox MMORPG during the past month.   A lengthy post from the developer highlights many big changes that are coming to the game, in hopes to polish many aspects before they release it to players for beta testing.  

Among the largest and most notable changes from November include adding a new calendar system that will tie together special events in the game, to an expanded inquiry system and combat balances to help polish the games combat.  Structure placement was also greatly enhanced as they added a significant upgrade to the UI which allows objects to be scaled and rotated, making it easier to build and place objects in your world.  Full control over objects is key in making this sandbox MMO and they plan on releasing a feature video soon that will show the new updates to housing and structure placement.  In addition to some of these large changes are small bug fixes and tweaks, which of course is fairly standard anytime new updates hit.  You can find a link to the full blog post here, so you can see all the changes coming in the November Update.

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