The Repopulation Storms Steam

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Less than 10 days ago today the developers of The Repopulation, Above and Beyond, announced the debut of the upcoming sandbox MMORPG on Steam’s popular Greenlight program. The game has amassed a massive following during development so it’s no surprise to see that the Steam Greenlight program has been a massive success.

Above and Beyond also recently launched a new Kickstarter campaign that includes an exciting variety of additional Stretch Goals. The new Kickstarter campaign went live on December 26th and asked fans to donate $50,000 to aid with future development and polish. That goal has already been smashed as fans of The Repopulation donated over $64,000, completing the first new Stretch Goal – adding the Rocharus mount in time for launch (pictured above).

Future Stretch Goals include unique PvP modes, cooperative structure building, and Oculus Rift support. For more information on the games official Kickstarter efforts, click here.

Source: Press Release

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