The Rise And Fall Of Pantheon

Its been 8 months since Brad McQuaid first teased details about a new MMO title but things aren’t looking great for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Despite a lot of initial interest and tons of media coverage the game failed to meets it lofty $800,000 goal, reaching just over half of that with the closing of the Kickstarter project in February.

Things have been a little quiet on the news scene ever since but a recent post on the Brad McQuaid’s Facebook page came with some bad news. The post has since been deleted but not before the crew at MMORPG managed to copy it in full.

Bittersweet news:

In the past few months we have seen some of the most passion bubble
up from the Internet than we have in some time; all for an idea of a
game we all want to see happen. It has been an exciting time for all of
Over the first month of development through crowdfunding, we’ve been
able to achieve what was needed to be done in order to gain investor
interest. That is, we’ve shown there is interest in a game like
Pantheon, we’ve built the term sheets and business plan, and now have a
prototype we can show to potential investors.

The downside now is that our initial resources have depleted, which
regrettably means that development is going to slow down until finances
can be secured. It’s not something we want to do by any means, but as we
cannot guarantee paychecks to the team, they each need to be able to
spend time on other things to pay the bills.
Once we’re able to get that level of funding we can then secure
much-needed studio space and be able to pick up the pace of production

We are deeply thankful to this community for getting
Pantheon to this critical point, where we have been able to put together
an attractive package to present to potential investors.
In the interim, any donations made at this point until further
notice will be going directly to maintaining the website during this
phase, and not towards development.

As with all Kickstarter projects, funds are not awarded unless it meets its original funding goal. The developers are still currently taking donations through the official website although the numbers aren’t looking great – having raised only portion of the original amount, $159,000. As mentioned above donations made in the near future will be used to maintain the website itself and not the development of the game.

The future of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is an uncertain one. As McQuaid explained the developers are currently relying on investors to continue the project but would you be willing to invest in a game that didn’t attract enough attention on a crowd funding website?

Source: MMORPG

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