The Saga Series: New or Old?

Earlier today, I got the chance to play the newly released browser MMO, Mythic Saga; from the creators of Crystal Saga, Gamewave. Mythic Saga has some upgraded features, which pretty much makes it an upgraded Crystal Saga. Some unique features that separate it from Crystal Saga are,the Relic System, which can be used to heal your injured player, protect him, and even confuse enemy monsters. The game also has an upgraded community feature, where with other players you can join a faction, guild, become in a mentor-apprentice relationship, and even become a couple.

One of the best features of Mythic Saga is that it has a real-time weather system, to really involve you in the world of this game with unexpected weather. Compared to Crystal Saga, the game only has four classes, and no pet system quite yet. On the Contrary, the customization of your character with many options, something you don’t always see during browser MMO games.

Now on to the big question: Which one is better? Honestly, its hard to tell where Mythic Saga will go, since it was released so recent ago. Currently, Crystal Saga has constant updates going on, and it would be nice if they kept it that way, instead of dropping the game for Mythic Saga. Looking at the game play, Mythic Saga wins. It has four quest modes, something I have never personally seen in a browser MMO. Outside of game play, Crystal Saga takes the cake. Dungeons, PVP battles, and too many side quests to even count.

So who takes the big win between these MMOs? I am going to have to go with Crystal Saga. Personally the game has so much content already, and I am hoping they will do the same with Mythic Saga. If they add the updates like they did to Crystal, then Mythic will pass it by easily with the clearer graphics and the character customization. I will be rocking Mythic Saga for a while, but don’t count me out I will be in Crystal Saga all the same! As usual, you can find me in-game at Elderlypizza. Try both the new and the old and tell me which one you think is better!

Try both games out and let us know what you think in the comments.

Play Mythic Saga!

Play Crystal Saga!

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