The Secret World Celebrates Their Second Anniversary

Funcom’s The Secret World is celebrating their second anniversary with a new event – The Guardians of Gaia. Massive Golems are invading every game zone and players, this year, are able to take on an all new world boss in the city of Tokyo.

Funcom has introduced many hours of new content and there is also a new mission pack available for the Tokyo game zone called “Sidestories: Love and Loathing”. This mission pack allows players to fight off a demonic invasion of Tokyo or try their luck at complex Origami in a deep Investigation Mission with many other challenges available.

Not only that, but everyone who plays The Secret World from July 3rd until July 11th, 2014 will be able to enjoy these bonuses that come along with a new anniversary:

  • Double Ability Points
  • Extra Black Bullion Nightmare Dungeon Tokens
  • 50% more Aureus of Initiation Scenario Tokens
  • 50% more White Marks of Venice PvP Tokens
  • 50% more AEGIS Reaserch XP in Tokyo
  • Free Membership for Recruiting

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