The Secret World Update 1.1 Released

Oliver ‘Tarib’ Kunz, the Senior Community Manager for The Secret World, at Funcom has announced that the 1.1 update for The Secret World has been released. The patch brings seven new missions, two new nightmare mode dungeons along with a new Marketplace and a host of fixes and enhancements into the game.  The update also hints that you can get a new achievement as well as unique clothing rewards for completing all the new missions.

Some of the more interesting fixes and enhancements include:

-It is now impossible for players to make their characters nude


-Certain monsters, such as the Royal Sadists, will not attack the player when dead

Now why would they want to take those parts of the game out?!!  I just don’t understand!

I’d love to copy and paste the whole patch here for you, but it would just look like a wall of text, the Funcom forums make it look oh so much nicer.  So, i’ll be nice and include a link to The Secret World Forums!

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