The Secret World

The Secret World from Funcom takes players into a different reality from their own. This MMORPG represents the world of today with a different view. As the world around players breaks down from plagues, zombies and other world ending disasters players join one of three different factions; the Dragon, the Illuminati and the Templars. These three factions have different stories, pasts and futures that molds the world around them.

The three different factions leads to a perfect system for PvP. There are three different modes that allow for different types of multiplayer experiences. If small skirmishes are what you’re looking for, fight clubs offer a small scale battle ring that can be done quickly with battles being as small as 2v2 or as big as 10v10. If larger scale battles sound better, the Battlefields and War Zones may be more appropriate. The Battlefield is a capture the flag like game that gives factions special upgrades and bonuses for winning. The Warzone is a 24/7 persistent PvP that changes as the three different factions fight over facilities. No matter which place you choose there is some form of PvP for any MMORPG fan.

One of the most interesting mechanics of The Secret World is character progression. Instead of focusing on levels and locking people into a specific classes, The Secret World does something different. Using certain weapons, skills and other moves gives players proficiency which unlocks new skills. Players can change their skills and proficiencies at any time.

The Secret World sets a very dark mood in an alternate reality from our own. The gameplay mechanics matched with the real world setting provide a fiction that is fun to be a part of. There is a ton of good stories in all three factions that are worth exploring. Check out this game because it is very unique. 

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