The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online (formerly known just as Castle Empire) is an engaging MMORTS from the world renown developer Ubisoft that lets players transform their simple plots of land into mighty empires. You’ll produce and trade valuable goods with friends, build towns and villages, and journey into the wild as you complete missions and engage in battles with anyone that stands in your way.

The settler series has been a long time favorite for many massive multiplayer online real time strategy gamers, so when Ubisoft announced that The Settlers Online (Castle Empire) was going to be free to play, gamers started to pay attention.Not only is Castle Empire exciting, fun, and free to play, but you can play the entire game in your browser window.

The new trend of these browser games is great, there’s no need to download multiple clients, check for driver updates, or any of that nonsense. Just open up your browser of choice (hopefully not IE) and play to your hearts content. The Settlers Online (Castle Empire) should be an exciting new addition to the MMORTS genre.

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