The West

The West, developed and published by InnoGames, is a 2D browser-based game with a unique setting. The game places the player into the Wild West with no cash or skills. A tutorial slowly teaches beginners how to duel, pick tobacco and navigate through the game. There is no character customization, but the player receives skill points to upgrade their avatar.

Each character has 4 stats to raise, 20 skills, and at level 10 players get to choose one of the four classes that each have 4 archetypes:Adventurer ? with the archetypes: Trapper, Wanderer, Indian, Prospector.  Dueler ? with Bounty Hunter, Gunslinger, Bandit, and Hangdog.  Worker ? Cowboy, Quaker, Craftsman, and Mortician.  Soldier ? Cavalryman, Mexican, Mercenary, Iroquois

Besides questing, players are able to duel each other. An interesting feature of the game is the possibility of founding and running a city. Unfortunately casual players will find it difficult to keep track and win against premium players. There are considerable bonuses coming with a premium package, 50% for some abilities such as: energy regeneration, wage increase, chance of finding items.

The West has detailed and complex stat distribution, a good number of classes to choose from, a unique battle system, enough to keep players interested and entertained.

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