Sevarog Arrives, Saga of Lucimia, Crowfall’s Ranger and more! | The XP 3.25.2016

What’s up Attackers! Kirk here with Attack Gaming bringing you our end of the week MMO News round-up. You’re probably not used to seeing me so much in our videos, from the couple of interviews I did at GDC to the Loot Crate Unboxings that have been flying up, one more still to come btw so jump on over to those videos if you’d like a chance to win a Loot Crate of your own. Only slightly used. But i’m back home and ready to get things fired up. This week i’m just going to use a continuous shot of video I took on the GDC floor, one, so you guys can see for yourselfwhat exactly GDC is about, and two, it’s much easie r to edit this way! Kidding, I dont like to take shortcuts, but since GDC is so new, I thought you’d like to see it. Anyways, let’s jump right into the news.

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