Things Get Chilly With Marvel Heroes 1.2 Update

Marvel Heroes Online reached boiling point last month with the introduction of the Human Torch but this month things are set to get a little chilly with the addition of Emma Frost. Gazillion Entertainment have announced that the eagerly awaiting 1.2 update is now available, bringing with it a host of exciting new content and system improvements.

  • Emma Frost ? The Iconic Emma Frost has been introduced, giving players the opportunity to experience her diamond form and Omega level telepathic powers.
  • Difficulty Modes ? Scaling difficulty modes have been introduced to offer players a more challenging experience with the hopes of better rewards. Players are now able to select Normal, Heroic or Super Heroic when participating in certain missions.
  • New Zone: Queens Bank Heist ? The all new zone introduces a Bank Heist mission in which players will be pitted against the deadly Black Cat.
  • And much more ? Additional changes include updates to the defense system, new Relic and Unit items and brand new Artifacts.

For a full rundown of the Marvel Heroes Online 1.2 patch you can read the official patch notes. If you’re looking at picking up a new PC soon you may also want to check out premium currency offer for Marvel Heroes Online with Nvidia.

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