Thoughts on Player Created Content – MMOpinion

Let’s say for a minute you’ve just run through a great new dungeon in your favorite new MMO.  The story was interesting, the dungeon was well built, the mobs were difficult and you just spent a few hours truly enjoying your time in game.  The you read a bit later that night that the developer didn’t even make that dungeon, it was built by another player, just like you.  They spent hours upon hours creating this new dungeon and you couldn’t even tell that it wasn’t built by the gentlemen who created the game.  You’re shocked.  You’re awed.You now want to make your own dungeon!

I’m curious if anyone has been in this situation before.  I know it’s not very common in many games today, but player created content will be increasingly more common in the coming years.  Do you like player related content?  Do you think it’s lazy on the developers part?  Have you ever created your own in-game content, whether it be a whole new dungeon crawl or just an item skin?  

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