Tiny Mighty Superhero MMO Enters Open Alpha

AMZGame today announced the immediate release of the Open Alpha testing phase for their upcoming superhero MMORPG game, Tiny Mighty. Tiny Mighty: Heroes Unite is an exciting new RPG game that blends strategy and progression with a thrilling backdrop of superheroes vs villains. Players take on the role of a powerful commander as they attempt to restore peace to the world and rid planet of the seemingly unstoppable forces of evil.

The game utilizes a number of familiar features to keep players entertained including fast-paced PvP battles, League Fights for competitive players, the ability to collect and improve a variety of special heroes, collect dozens of powerful items and gear, and recruit other players to aid them in their cause.

The Recharge Option for AMZGame community members is available, with restrictions and details highlighted below:

  • 1) Recharging in Alpha will be available. At the end of Alpha, the diamonds will be transferred to Official full game servers.
  • 2) Recharged Open Alpha diamonds will have a bonus ratio for Official full game: When Beta opens, a player can choose the Official full game server they wish to have their diamonds
  • transferred, and will receive bonus diamonds based on the amount they recharge in Alpha. ( players can only transfer the diamonds once and this option is only for alpha to beta servers )

  • 3) We are intending to have open Alpha servers for all 4 time zones ( Opening times are conditionally and will be posted when known )
  • 4) All alpha servers will be closed and reset at the end of Alpha.

Source: Official Website

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