Tom Clancy’s The Division Gets Old School Support

Earlier today Ubisoft posted a new developer blog announcing that Red Storm, the original development team behind early Tom Clancy titles, has been added to the global development team working on Tom Clancy’s The Division. Red Storm developed the early Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon games and will join Massive Entertainment with support centered around artwork for the games constantly expanding arsenal, among other development duties.

While Massive is running the development of The Division – building
everything from their proprietary Snowdrop engine powering the game, to
the design of the world, the innovative gameplay systems and the
intriguing story – the Swedish studio began to seek out additional
Ubisoft studio support last fall. Red Storm was naturally at the top of
their list, simply based on their long history with Clancy games.
Founded in 1996 with a small team that included Tom Clancy himself, the
North Carolina-based studio created the original Rainbow Six and Ghost
Recon – and has been an integral part of the Ubisoft development
ecosystem since it was acquired in 2000.

In the new developer post Ubisoft go into additional detail on other tasks assigned to Red Storm and provide insight on the overall concept and design of The Division. They state that realism should never trump excitement and certain concessions will be made to ensure they deliver a fun and immersive experience.

The announcement has been met with a warm reception from fans and members of the Tom Clancy community. Sadly we quite often see new additions to a franchise lose the charm that originally made the IP so popular but the addition of developers from the earliest titles is sure to reduce the chances of that occurring with The Division.

Source: Ubisoft Blog, MMORPG

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