Looking Forward – MMO’s Coming 2013 Part 4

We’ve taken you on a journey of 9 of the hottest MMO games launching in 2013. You’ve seen the next-generation of MMOFPS games with Dust 514, you’ve seen promises of a real sandbox MMO with Pathfinder Online and you’ve been promised the juicy goodness of zombie greatness, but can you beat the rest and come up with the best?

If you had the funding and staff available to Blizzard, or any other of the big names in MMO development, what would you create? Would you expand on a currently available genre or would you be bold enough to push the limits of MMO gaming and invent your very own niche?

The greatest thing about being an MMO gamer is that our dreams are only limited by our imaginations, we don’t have to worry about impressing the corporate big wigs or pushing out an unfinished game just to make budget. So with only imagination as your limit, what would you do?

Personally, it would have to involve zombies. Playing the likes of DayZ and The War Z has made me aware of just how untapped this massive genre is in the MMO space. Sure there’s a huge selection of browser titles and even bigger titles on the horizon such as The Dead Linger, but they all seem to suffer with similar flaws.

They all aim to provide some kind of FPS or TPS experience whereas I’d stray away into the MMORTS genre. It’s probably one of the most spammed MMO genres on the internet, I could probably list 50+ cut and paste browser RTS games just off the top of my head, but very few have done to the genre what the likes of Starcraft and Command & Conquer did in their day.

I’d imagine a Command & Conquer style game with zombies thrown into the mix. Players would be able to play as a number of different factions including civilians, law enforcement and the zombies themselves. The civilians would have access to similar equipment made available to law enforcement but they wouldn’t be restrained by governing laws, meaning they could slay zombies to their hearts content. The law enforcement faction would have access to the strongest vehicles and weapons in the game but they would not be able to kill zombies due to a possible cure. Instead they would have to transport the zombies back to HQ and deposit them in certain buildings, removing the threat entirely.

Of course, transporting your enemies has its problems as the zombie faction would be able to ambush personnel carriers and receive reinforcements from those that were freed. Zombie units would be the weakest in the game but they would increase in strength with each kill, even mutating into stronger zombies with more abilities. Oh and how can I forget, Tesla Coils would have to be included.

This is just theory, even before writing my idea down on paper I could point out 100 holes that needed to be plugged but that’s where the joys of imagination come into play. My game would be 100% perfectly balanced, without flaw and not a bug in sight, well, as long as it remains a dream and is never published.

So what are your thoughts? What would be THE MMO game for you to see announced or released in 2013? Write your submissions below and lets see what kind of awesomeness we can come up with.

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