No Tricks, No Trials, No Traps. RIFT Going Free To Play

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

With a promise of no trickery, no bullshit trials, and no traps, Trion Worlds is bringing RIFT into the free to play world.  RIFT was one of the remaining few bastions of an age of subscription only MMOs, which are almost all jumping into the free to play market.  On June 12th is when players can expect to play RIFT for free.  But what exactly will we get in a free RIFT?  Half of all the content?  Some dungeons?  A few items?  No.  Everything.

All of our content is available completely for free: every quest, every chronicle, every dungeon, every continent, every level, and every raid. You can level to 60 without spending a dime. You can earn the best gear in the game without giving us a credit card. No tricks; no traps.

So we can expect a completely free game of RIFT.  That’s awesome!  Now, there still will be a subscription plan that players can buy in to.  Subscribers, otherwise known as Patrons, will receive special bonuses to currency, mount speed, various types of experience and more.  Below is a video developer diary explaining more about a Free to Play RIFT.

RIFT Free to Play - Developer Diary

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