Trion’s RIFT to Break World Marriage Record

Want to break a world record, but don?t have time for all of that training and dedication? Why not participate in a gaming record instead? Trion Worlds, the company behind the immensely popular subscription-based MMO RIFT, is calling for players from around the world to help it break the world record for most in-game marriages in a 24-hour period.

The event, which occurs on Valentine?s Day, is partly to celebrate the new marriage mechanic in RIFT. But it?s also partly just for the fun of it. If you?re interested, you can speak with a Marriage Coordinator or swing by one of the wedding instances any time between 9am Feb 14 and 9am Feb 15, Pacific Standard Time.

Every character that gets marred during the event will also receive the exclusive ?Tier of Knots? title. And don?t worry ? if you marry someone and they turn out to be a bother, you can always get a divorce. Trion thought of everything.

What do you think of virtual marriages?

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