Tunnelers, online shooting game, enters beta

Tunnelers, is a free online top-down MMO action shooter by Floating Minds. The game is a revamped version of an old DOS game called Tunneler. They have completely revamped this old game into an awesome 3D multiplayer game. Tunnelers features an easy to play, cooperative gameplay with pure multiplayer shooter action.

They have pumped up the game with the following:

  • Original 3D graphics
  • Epic matches for up to 32 players on the map
  • Three game modes with emphasis on team play
  • Six tanks with unique weaponry
  • Boosting tanks with upgrades
  • Instant Action with matchmaking
  • Action driven music
  • Play and compare with friends
  • Collect awards and achievements
  • Other features like game chat, custom match creation and more.


In Tunnelers there are the following modes:

  • Free For All (FFA) – In other words everyone against everyone. Until the time limit or frag limit is hit, fight and achieve points by destroying everyone else using countless styles and tricks. The player with the most frags wins.
  • Team Showdown – This is a team mode similar to FFA. Those who fight with a team have a better chance to win. Every team has a base to replenish energy and shields. The team with the most frags wins.
  • Capture The Flag – This team mode is different. Every team has a team colored flag usually spawned in the base or nearby. Your goal is to steal the enemy`s flag (by touching it) and score by bringing it back to the place where your flag spawns. If your flag is not in the spawn place, you have to retrieve it. By destroying an enemy carrying your flag, the flag is dropped and by touching it it is returned back to its spawn place. The team with the most scored flags wins.


Before the battle each player has to choose one tank from three classes:

  • Light Class – Faster tanks with lower energy and shields, but with solid weaponry, use them as scouts or thieves
  • Medium Class – Tanks with balanced firepower and speed and with average energy and shields, use them as supportive units
  • Heavy Class – Very durable, slow vehicles with strong firepower, use them as defenders
Tunnelers Launch Trailer

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