Turrets Of Mass Destruction Arrive In Hazard Ops

Infernum Productions today announced the immediate launch of their action-packed free-to-play third-person shooter alongside a brand new update in Hazard Ops. The update introduces the exciting new Turret Defense game mode and the previously showcased Mech Mode alongside a variety of new weapons, new customization options and a massive 8 new maps.

Heavily influenced by the tower defense genre, the new Turret Defense mode allows mercenaries to utilize new defensive weaponry to help protect their base from countless waves of enemies. A combination of steady aim and strategically placed defenses will be critical to each missions success.
In addition, all mercs can now also summon massive Mechs onto the battlefield, offering Titanfall-esque mechanics with customizable robots, devastating weaponry and jet packs to aid with evasive maneuvers.

Source: Press Release

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