Twitch Streaming Now Available In Path Of Exile

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Grinding Gear Games today announced the highly anticipated integration of Twitch.TV into their critically acclaimed MMO game, Path of Exile. For those of you that have yet to get absorbed into the live-streaming crowd, Twitch.TV is currently the leading service that allows players to stream their content on the internet; live. This offers great opportunities to converse with fans and followers directly and is quite often the first source for new footage of upcoming games.

Path of Exile is arguably one of the most successful MMORPG titles to come out of the popular Kickstarter funding program. The loot-centric MMORPG has attracted millions of users from around the globe, each continuing to progress with the hopes of finding those epic loots.

The new streaming features within Path of Exile allows players to stream directly to a Twitch.TV channel within the game client itself, removing the need for any complex or questionable programs such as Xsplit. Webcam feed is also supported so players can attach a live image of themselves to accompany the footage from the game and Twitch.TV chat integration is also available.

It’s not the most exciting update in the short history behind Path of Exile but Grinding Gear Games have proven the value of Kickstarter and the appeal of the age-old dungeon crawl formula.

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