Ubisoft Making a Wii U MMO?

Rumors are flying that Ubisoft Quebec has a new console MMO for the Wii U in the works. The rumor initially sparked because of a series of job listings: Senior Engine Programmer (Wii U AAA), Network Programmer (Wii U AAA), Tools Programmer (AAA MMO), Online Game Design Project Manager, Programmer Gameplay (MMO AAA), and Animation Art Director (MMO AAA). Put all of these together and it sure sounds like new MMO games for the Wii U.

Usually console MMOs aren?t as exciting as PC releases, but the Wii U?s controller is innovative for this kind of play. The controller features four face and shoulder buttons, two circle pads, a D-pad and even a touch screen. Though the game is still just a rumor, it?s perfectly okay to get excited. An MMO on the Wii U could be just the shot in the arm Nintendo needs.

The real question here is which of Ubisoft?s properties will be getting the MMO treatment, or if they?ll be working off a completely new IP. A Wii U MMORPG could work, depending on the device?s keyboard input, but its success will largely be decided by the property in question.

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