Ubisoft Set To Introduce Several New Cars To The Crew

Ubisoft continue to boost the available arsenal of metal and rubber with the upcoming release of several new cars aiming to give the struggling online racing game, The Crew, a fresh lick of paint. The new cars will be made available for Season Pass holders for a week before being made available to the rest of the community. Up to this point those still playing The Crew have expressed concern regarding the lack of content available for Season Pass players, a worry that will at least be pacified for now.

The curvacious Corvette Stingray will be available to both previous and current Season Pass holders starting on June 3rd, being available to the rest of The Crew community on June 10th. The site was also updated to feature screenshots on other vehicles planned to release as the year goes on.

Several players did express their disappointment with the lack of content with this latest update, but Ubisoft’s Community Manager left a little note to tide them over.

[quote cite=”Community Manager Ubisoft”]You clearly didn’t read well. The ones shown are only a few of the cars to come.And yes, there will be more this week (not cars, other things) [/quote]

Source: Official Forums

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