Vindictus Spotlight: New Hero Kai Comes to North America

Vindictus fans look alive because the new mercenary, Kai the Archer, is making his way to North America. With his reveal in 2011, Nexon built up this new character with concept art previews, video showcases, and even in-game hints from NPC’s. As fan’s anticipation hit an all time high as Kai’s release date came close, a most unfortunate event happened. For reasons unknown to this date, Nexon pushed back Kai the Archer’s release date causing players to become frustrated towards Nexon and unsure if Kai will ever be available. It seemed that Kai the Archer would be nothing but a fading memory of the “Vindictus World”, until June came around. Nexon announced on June 29th that Kai the Archer will not only be released in North America, but he will be released this summer!

What can this new character do you might ask. Capable of moving at a very high speed, Kai can keep shooting at foes at a far distance effectively, escape from danger swiftly, and approach foes instantly to make melee attacks and deal serious damage. With low defense however, this Archer class suits those who have good control skills.

To stay updated on any new information on Kai the Archer go to Vindictus’ facebook.

Until Kai’s release… grab your friends and your bows- and be prepared to let those arrows fly!

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