Vindictus Welcomes a Bold New Hero

Nexon Europe has announced today that Vindictus, the ultimate free to play gaming experience, is introducing a powerful new Hero, Kai – a mysterious warrior who fights for revenge.

Kai is a fierce and powerful Hero who trusts no one but himself. According to rumor, he lost a cherished loved one to the Fomors, so became a Crimson Blade Mercenary to fight for revenge. Other than that, no one knows anything about his identity or past.

Kai is primarily an archer, with a mighty bow that can change shape to perform powerful and precise attacks. He has an excellent intuition for combat; his eagle eyes can spot even the smallest of enemy weaknesses, which can be used to swiftly conquer large monsters in battle.

Kai is not just good with a bow, but is also an adept in close quarter combat. Using ?Prey Drive? Kai can mount monsters when they are down to specifically target their weak spot, and ?Chain link? is a powerful tool used to entangle enemies making it easier to attack.

To celebrate the arrival of Kai, a new basic character slot will be added to every account. Level achievement and accumulated gameplay time events will be running over the next couple of weeks, where players will be rewarded Gift Boxes containing new armor, weapons and potions.

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