Housing And Guilds Honored In WAKFU Update

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

WAKFU, a game that recently made our Top 10 Tactics MMO Games list is making headlines today with the announcement of an update coming June 18th. Details of the update talk of a new system of guild housing, promising real innovation in the MMO universe. For the first time, players will be able to create, develop and manage their own miniature worlds called Haven-worlds. These worlds will be available for guilds to obtain through a bid system. Once in possession of one of these sizable zones, guild members will be able to cultivate and create according to their own desires by constructing buildings, organizing events, hosting PvP battles and much more. How a guild decides to put their Haven world together will affect the rest of the game as the buildings will actually give players bonuses.

The developer, Ankama, is expecting the update to add a depth of desire and consequence to the game as rival guilds can take over opposing Haven-worlds. The new feature is expected to be released in limited availability and will be highly coveted amongst competing guilds.

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