WAKFU is an online tactical turn-based MMORPG based on the cross-media brand by Ankama Games.   WAKFU is set within the same fantasy universe as Dofus, another massively multiplayer online role-playing game, but takes place approximately 1,000 years later, after a catastrophic world event known as the Great Deluge.

Fans of the original game will immediately notice some familiar characters and environments but also see a lot of drastic new changes as well.  Players will step into the role of a hero?s spirit reincarnated and sent back to rescue a land in turmoil.  Each hero must rebuild their chosen nation and form valuable allies within.

The game simulates an open sandbox style of gameplay where players are free to take up multiple professions or start a clan based war.  You will have the opportunity to storm into dungeon instances overflowing with monsters, conquer neutral zones with fellow comrades, start your own shop, or become the ruling governor. Join the Amakna, Bonta, Brakmar, or Sufokia nation and choose between 13 starting classes.

The game includes 13 different classes: Sacriers, Iops, Cras, Eniripsas, Pandawas, Enutrofs, Sadidas, Rogues, Fecas, Srams, Ecaflips, Xelors, and Osamodas. Each class has their own separate special abilities and draw backs.  A great part of the class structure is that no matter which class you choose, they all have access to the same professions, including: farming, herbalism, lumberjack, trapping, mining, fishing, baking, cooking, weapons, armorer, jeweler, tailor, leather dealer, and handyman, so you have plenty of options to make a living in the world of Wakfu.  Item prices can fluctuate depending on how many people are practicing a particular profession at a time.

The combat in game is turn-based, similar to the type featured in the Final Fantasy Tactics game series. Fans of those games will enjoy this playing style very much, especially considering the fact that other players can be attacked at will in PvP. Beware, though! Attack an innocent person and you risk losing citizenship points and being classified as an outlaw; attack an outlaw and you?ll gain citizenship points.

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