War 2 Glory

War 2 Glory is a real-time MMO browser game, set during the great conflict of World War II. Players start the game by becoming the commander of a small city and must build, defend, trade and expand to be successful during the great war! Commanders must be hardened mayors and brilliant generals, developing your cities and industries to fuel and guide your armies, which are then used to expand your sphere of influence and bring glory to your name!

The game allows you to achieve military dominance with more than 40 different authentically-represented vehicles from World War II. Use your own cunning tactics and strategies to control the battlefield, while you bewilder and outfoxing your enemies across a huge global game world. Your goal is to target enemy-held territories and to weaken their economy, scout their cities for troops and finally launch the devastating final blow to submit them to your will!

In War 2 Glory, battles take place on land, sea and air, so make sure you bring the right units to counter your enemy depending on where the battle will take place. If your enemy is too strong, ask your alliance members to join with you in a mighty united offensive to completely overwhelm your enemies defenses. The games graphics  have a wealth of detail and a style that is rarely seem in other Browser MMO real-time strategy and city management games

The realistic combat system allows players to use in-depth tactics that exploit the full strength of different combinations of troops, vehicles, air and sea power. This can allow a skillful commander, who may be undermanned and out-gunned, to defeat a larger army and achieve victory.

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